What kinds of characters do you wish were better represented in fiction?

You are truly an inspiration to me. Thank You for your Writings and your Poetry.

Ah thank you, dude. When I feel really lame and self-pitying stuff like this cheers me up, so I appreciate it.

Forever wishing I could draw

isn't it prose?

It’s been a fun hobby, but I’m not sure traditional prose is right for me. None of the novels I read inspire me. I’m thinking about trying my hand at other stuff, like hypertext fiction, or graphic novels. Or maybe films. I have no idea, I just feel restless. Like I need a new direction.

I feel like I haven’t found my medium yet. When I do, I’ll know. I hope.

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Cause you take me higher than I’ve everever known…

"Hold On (We’re Going Home)" is a pop song. How’d it win the hip hop VMA? Haven’t felt this salty about an awards show since Kendrick lost to Macklemore.

As of one week from now I’m going to be a digital marketing intern at an arts communications company. Not quite Kanye West yet but I’ll get there.

Turn down for job interviews and funerals


Benedict Smith. Handwritten by whitepaperquotes contributor Lauren


Benedict Smith. Handwritten by whitepaperquotes contributor Lauren

Benedict Smith

I think if I ever do a collection of these dumb little 100 word things it should be called “Benedict Smith keeps it 100”.

100 words on 'moments' please

Some people believe the passage of time is an illusion, and that every moment – past, present and future - is actually happening simultaneously. So at this very instant you’re already dead, yet to be born, and (most importantly) eating pizza. 

Beyond pizza however, this has worrying implications: If the future already exists, how can we have free will? Of course, if you want to believe in free will, that’s your choice. …Or is it?

It’s also possible that time is on an infinite loop, so every moment will repeat itself eternally. Including, unfortunately, that time I vomited in someone’s face.

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this reminds me of Lemony Snicket in the best way

Such a massive compliment, thank you. He was one of my favourite authors when I was a kid.