A Heart Stood Still

The most beautiful and tragic day of Eric’s life began like any other: he got up, had breakfast, covered himself in grey paint and went to work. Some would say he had the easiest job in the world, he did nothing all day. But to him, being a living statue was an art form. He looked deep into the hustle and bustle of the city, and plucked out of it a stillness, and a silence. With this stillness he could move people, entertain them, educate them. He placed a small hat on the floor for donations, and got himself into position. He had been perfecting this routine for almost a year now. But as so often in life, when we adjust to a certain routine, and get our lives on track, something finds a way to derail us. 

Her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He would have been stunned into silence, were he not already a mime. The city, the sky, even himself - all was grey, but she was gold. She was perfection itself, he had never seen such a fine street performer. Usually he would resent the competition, especially from a mime who could stay so still, and in such an exquisite pose, but not she. She was an angel. Her beauty reverberated and echoed through the chasms of his soul, and his day was deeply enriched, for he could spend hours just looking across the street at her. Suddenly he believed in God, for it was as though God had sculpted her himself. Millions of years of evolution was not enough to account for such beauty, no, radiance such as this could not glow so fiercely by accident. This was design. She wasn’t even asking for donations, was the process itself that rewarding for her? He didn’t want to put her on a pedestal, but she was, after all, on a pedestal. He knew she was everything he had ever wanted.

Soon came the time when he would usually pack up and leave, but she stayed there, continuing to work. Admiring her determination, and wanting to talk to her about their craft, he decided to wait for her. An hour passed. And another. A moon rose up and descended again. How could she do this with no breaks for food, no bathroom breaks? He couldn’t take it any longer, he crossed the street to talk to her.

"Hello?" he asked.  She ignored him. He felt dejected, but refused to give up so easily. "Hello?!". Though he admired her commitment, this seemed excessive, bordering on ridiculous. He tried to nudge his soulmate out of her artistic trance. She was made of bronze.